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We offer wholesale services in addition to retailing at local shops. If you are interested in sampling our products or would like information regarding wholesale, please let us know. Our goal is to make quality coffee available in every avenue of the marketplace.  Whether you are affiliated with a restaurant, retail store, diner, or corporate office, we want your customers and employees to have access to a great cup of coffee. 


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Common Good Coffee Doing Good in the World

For the common good


When we started Common Good Coffee Roasters, our mission was two fold; to make good coffee available to as many people as possible and to make drinking a cup of coffee good for everyone involved, starting with the farmers - coffee for the common goodWe work with traders, farms, and co-ops to bring quality coffee that is ethically farmed and traded.

Goodness Campaign

We want to partner with you to work in your community. One of our favorite things is to join in the work and causes that our wholesale customers care about. If you are giving to a non-profit or want to, let’s do it together.

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Coffee Kids

Common Good is a monthly supporter of Coffee Kids, a 501c3 dedicated to enriching the lives of farming families and communities. Coffee Kids specifically works with the 18-30 year-old population who are the next generation of coffee farmers, teaching them valuable business skills, educating them in coffee, and providing seed capital to help them find ways to be profitable in and out of season. Common Good also donates 10% of proceeds from our Coffee Kids Honduras Blend to CK (available for wholesale and retail customers).

Coffee Kids supports and encourages the needs, goals, and dreams of the individuals and families that make quality coffee production possible. Since its founding in 1987,  Coffee Kids has partnered with over 200,000 coffee-farming families. CK works specifically with young farmers to help them navigate the many roadblocks that are making many young farmers leave the coffee industry of their families. ( Please take a moment to read this excerpt on Coffee Kids' approach to supporting the coffee industry.

"Coffee Kids is partnering with young farmers to create youth-focused entrepreneurship hubs. These groups will provide the space where young men and women can learn how to use their creativity and ideas to to develop productive enterprises in coffee and other industries that provide services to their communities.  They are sharing their ideas, experiences, and frustrations and working together to solve their problems. Coffee Kids is providing training and mentoring in developing these hubs, but the ideas and creativity come from the participants. Coffee Kids provides seed capital as a tool to help participants turn their ideas into action. The groups are deciding collectively what type of fund will be best suited to their communities. A number of guidelines have been established to ensure that the investment will ultimately benefit the young coffee farmers’ enterprises and will ultimately become self-sustaining.  Recognizing the importance of including young women in our groups, we have developed community-specific methodologies to facilitate their participation." (